I’ll get straight to the point: Winter is coming.

No, this is not me going all Game of Thrones on you… although this magickal world does bring up a powerful idea about words being powerful enough to shape our lives.

Image result for winter is comingAccording to House Stark, their “clan” are known by the Winter is Coming phrase. This phrase expresses their deep belief about calamity being just around the corner, which for House Stark, is pretty apt. But these House words are also intended to be ways for each of the great Houses identify themselves, and ways to live by.

What words are you living your life by?

I read a fantastic novel called Endymion by San Simmons years ago, but a part of it has stuck with me ever since. 600 years in our future, the main character, Aenea, is born knowing she would become a “second messiah” to a Universe of people. She spends her entire life exploring the best message to offer them, and then shortening it as far as possible. She reads deeply of philosophers & holy people, and decides upon: Choose again.

You didn’t get that promotion? Choose again. That girl you loved broke up with you? Choose again. That spell didn’t work? Choose again. You said those horrible things to your lover/child/parent? Choose again.

It’s depth lies in its simplicity, and like the Wiccan maxim, harm none, it offers a kind of framework to live your life by. These kinds of phrases – these types of golden rules – are what subconsciously influence our decisions, and thus the lives we lead. Sometimes the words we live by are harmful – I’m never good enough – and this is where CHOOSING your own motto becomes powerful.

Think on these ones:

Choose again
An it harm none, do what ye will
This too, shall pass
Courage doesn’t always roar
Actions speak louder than words
Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer
We must become the change we wish to see in the world
The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek
It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness
Do to others what you would have them do to you

Yes, some of these may sound familiar to you. Like me, you may have these blue-tacked on your wall right now. And there’s a reason we do this: because they inspire us. When you read those words and a tingle runs through you, and l often believe this is my intuition telling me: Whoa! Take note! This is important!

So when I find phrases that inspire me, I stick ‘em everywhere – fridges, walls, cupboards, mirrors… anywhere I know I will see them. And as I continue to read them, day by day, I let that new voice start to make changes in my mind, my heart & my spirit. I realise that I am consciously choosing what window I will look out at the world through.

time-for-a-change-2015164_960_720 copy

So I invite you, oh powerful creator of your life, to ask a close & trusted friend to offer you some gentle yet profound truth: what words would they suggest you currently live your life by? For I must admit, I wear some very rose-coloured glasses at times, and while I might want to think that I’m holding onto words like, I am the best, ever!, my friends have very compassionately shown me that the words would be closer to: I want to be the best, but I’m pretty sh*t scared to be that good, so I’ll just fly under the radar at the moment…

Be courageous, and ask that trusted friend for their opinion – not the person who uses their brutal honesty like a spear. Ask that beloved friend to help you find out what words are directing your life – what motto’s & beliefs. Because, without knowing what they are, how can you possibly replace them?? It’s like having a mouldy wall, and continuing to just paint over it, again and again, and wondering why the mould keeps coming through: you need to clean that wall, and maybe even replace it before that beautiful coat of paint can be effectively applied.

So, how do you want to live your life? What words inspire you?

If you’re unsure what they are, go searching for quotes, inspiring meme’s, lines from movies – just as long as they encourage you to grow & change. Find books by famous philosophers and people who excite you. Or, you may find that a deep meditation between yourself and the Divine will offer the perfect phrase for you.

And remember: motto’s can adapt and change as you grow and change in your life. After all, once the child learns that “the oven is hot!”, we don’t need to keep saying it to them as an adult. Do the same with your motto: recognise that the motto you choose now, is perfect for now. Until it’s not needed any more, and then you can choose a new one!

And my House words at the moment? When you know better, you do better.

Words To Live Your Life By
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