You know the drill: Summer is coming – complain about the heat. Winter is coming – complain about the cold. Spring and Autumn are OK – they give us a break during the extremes. They give us a chance to rest and ready ourselves for the temperature onslaught that is coming.

That’s how I used to feel.

forest-1950402_1920When you move in the world of magick, you realise that everything natural around you is magickal. That everything has its own power and purpose. Yes, yes, I know you’ve probably read this on a meme, or seen it printed on a cushion. That does not lessen the truth of it.

Moving in a world of magick – living magickally – means understanding that there is a pattern and rhythm to life, a perfectly flowing cycle. It means knowing how to move with the flow, not against it. And the best way to do this, is to feel it.

I don’t know how many times I complained about Winter – it’s too cold; it’s wet; the wind is freezing; the days are short; the world is ending… And I felt this way because I wasn’t moving with Winter. I saw it as an adversary that I needed to overcome every year. Or a curse that I had to put up with. I would cuss the Winter as I waited for Summer…then cry about the heat and Summer and wish for Winter.

The truth was, I didn’t understand the inherent power of Winter or Summer. I didn’t want to feel it.

Winter had been frozen toes, sniffly noses, wind-burnt cheeks and aching jaws. It had been wet feet, and shivering skin, sore throats and numb fingers. This was the story I – and many people around me – were telling ourselves about Winter. I didn’t want to feel it! Feeling it could only make it worse!

When you feel the season, it is more than just skin reactions – it is how you see it, taste it, smell it; what energies you feel moving through you when you are still with it. It is about finding relationship with that season, and communicating with it. I didn’t understand that – I only focused on what I didn’t like about the season, and my bodily reactions. I had to go deeper inside myself to really feel it.

Yes, Winter is cold. You know what else it is?

It is an energy that encourages me to go within myself. That tells me it’s OK to slow down in my work load, and just be present to my own needs. It recommends days spent focusing on my own health – mental, emotional, spiritual and physical – and making me a priority. Winter lets me bundle myself up in a blanket and saying “not now” to potential visitors – it’s more important that I spend time with myself right now. It shows me the power of stillness and silence – not rushing around trying to fill the spaces because I’m too scared to be alone with myself. It reminds me that a time out is ultra important if I want to keep living, and not just surviving.

Then the days become a little warmer, and I feel a shiver of expectation inside me. Something is coming, something important is coming! Then there’s that first breath and smell of the Spring. You know the one: it’s like exhilaration and joy, wrapping around you, filling your senses. You feel the goofy grin lighting up your face, and you want to run to people and shout: “SPRING IS HERE! SPRING IS HEREEEEEEEEE! ”

Spring lets me know it’s time to get excited about life. The days are getting longer, and every living thing around me is birthing, blossoming and bringing new growth into the world. When you move with the flow of Spring, you can tap into that excitement that has followed a time of solitude, knowing that you are well rested and ready to start journeying in the world. You want to be around people, commune, create and play with them.

As the days lengthen, the heat comes on stronger and stronger, and the pure playfulness ebbs a little as determination starts to build. You begin to see the end of the year – New Years Eve – as some finish line. The life flow and energy is encouraging you to play, grow and build – you almost can’t help it!

Then the heat begins to increase, and you feel the push towards something big. Within you, energy becomes powerful and potent. It’s like you yearn to be our under the Sun. Even during those drooping, 40 degree days, something is pushing at you to keep going – this is the Summer. It is intense and sometimes overwhelming. It is the big wave you’ve caught at the crest, and you hold on with all your strength and will, allowing it’s energy to power into your life.

During this season, you let the natural saturation and climax of energy rush you towards completion of tasks, the making of wishes, and the holding of hopes.

If you’re moving with the seasonal flow, you’ll feel the energy start to slow down in intensity. The heat is still there, but the drive is starting to wane as the Autumn comes closer. The days are shortening now, and the winds are starting to pick up.

Like the Spring, there is a feel that marks the arrival of Autumn. It is like a tightly held breath finally being released; like laying down your tools at the end of a long day. We’ve been through the crucible and power of the Summer – there is a feeling of a job well done, and pride in making it through.

But go deeper into the flow of Autumn.

There are whispers of finishing tasks, of taking stock, of gathering in community. The gregarious drive of the Summer may have lessened, but it is still there for now. In the Autumn, we make lasting decisions about what is important enough to be finished, and what needs to be cut loose. We gather with family and friends to strengthen our bonds in gratitude and appreciation.

For then the Winter comes – that first crisp breeze upon the skin – and our bodies naturally know that now is the time for stillness. Our psyche yearns to focus on ourselves and our inner landscapes. We lean towards healing ourselves in preparation of the round of seasons.

And when you become aware of this natural flow of the seasons, understanding that it’s not just a game of surviving the heat and the cold, you open yourself to the power and magick that is inherently available at those times.

It means that Winter might not be the best time to start that new business – yes, you could do it, but if you understood that Spring would boost your natural power, and you wouldn’t have to move against the tide, wouldn’t you want that? Wouldn’t you want to access the most magick available to you?

This is why understanding and moving with the seasons is soooooooooooo important. Push on through the Winter if you want; start new creations in the Autumn; rest in the Summer. Just be aware that you are swimming against a powerful natural-world tide, and it will be harder for you.

Your natural instincts are encouraging you, are calling you to join with the seasonal flow – create in the Spring, be powerful in the Summer, make changes in the Autumn and rest in the Winter. And when you go with your instincts – when you swim with the tide – the energy of life moves people, places and events to your intentions; easily and powerfully.

Winter is powerful when you flow with it
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