What ways are you preparing for 2017? House clean? Herb cupboard re-organisation? Party with friends?

While I to, shall be partying with friends on this new years eve, there are a couple of things I will do beforehand to make sure that I am bringing the year I WANT to me – not the one I stumble into with a hangover!

One of the major things I will be doing is a Visionboard. Now, before you start telling me that you’re not arty, or that you haven’t go the time – you ARE and you DO! A visionboard is a physical blueprint of your WILL – it represents how you see yourself in your world, and as you create it (and feel it too!) you send out signals to the Universe directing it to give you a life “Just like this!”
Vision BoardThe important thing is your INTENTION for the visionboard – what do you want to “see” in your life? Health? Happiness? Love? Family? Abundance? If one or al of these things are your intention, then use pictures/photos/words/ ANYTHING AT ALL that help you to feel/experience/see/know that that intention is coming to you.

For example, I created the visionboard above with the intention of opening myself more fully to my creativity – notice the strong imagery, powerful words, and the flow of creativity I drew spilling from the bottle in the centre? All the colours, pictures and words I used meant BRING ON MY CREATIVITY!

So when you create your visionboard, turn off your phone, the TV, and go to a quiet place in your home if other people are about – this time is for YOU and you need to concentrate & focus to make sure your intention is clear.  Before you start, put on some music that has a good vibe for you – I like to use an online composer RelaxDaily because his music is amazing and there are no words to distract me. You may even want to light some incense and surround yourself with crystals or other magickal things to help boost your intention.

Choose your intention (sometimes having one main focus is easier to manifest that a lot of little ones. Ask yourself: are they all linked in some way; or, which one is most important to me?) then sit and meditate on it. FEEL what it would be like to be happy/have that new house/have the new job – what emotions will you be feeling? SEE yourself in different situations experiencing it, and see yourself being happy/content/excited, or whatever emotion suits you. Use all of your senses to experience your intention NOW.

When your focus is at it’s at it’s strongest, start to rifle through magazines/books/ national geographic for pictures or words or phases that jump out at you – try not to be to “logical” about it – let your intuition guide you and TRUST what you feel drawn to. Then stick those images onto a large piece of paper (I find bigger is better). Let your visionboard be as ordered or as cluttered as you like – let pictures overlap and the glue run wild!

You will know that you’ve finished because you will start trying to over-organise it (hmm…I really shouldn’t put green too close to blue…), or your mind will wander (I wonder what’s for dinner?) or you will become tired. When this happens, make sure you stick down any last pictures and you’re DONE! Let the glue dry, then pin this visionboard up somewhere you will see it often – I put mine on the wall in the kitchen so I see it every morning.

And start welcoming in your fantastic, magickal new 2017!

Vision of your New Year
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