Words can barely express the extent of our gratitude for Jenneth’s time, thought, and infallible care in her co-crafting and facilitating of our wedding ceremony. As priestess, as fellow woman, as celebrant, Jenneth was a perfect, reassuring presence in both the planning and sharing of ceremony. We are very loose when it comes to the heeding of time, and while Jenneth allowed for the fluid drift of our ideas and our sporadic planning, she supported, stabilized and responsively steered things in the most progressive direction for the many months preceding our gathering. We so appreciated the dedication and enthusiasm with which Jenneth engaged with our wishes, and for her ever-wise contributions.

Jenneth’s years of experience are evident in the way she holds space: her steady words, timely guidance, her gift of voice and song were all offered with admirable potency and confidence. Our day was made by Jenneth’s presence and care; we feel honoured to have had someone so aligned and inspiring guide the ceremony of our enduring connection. There is no-one we could recommend more for the cradling of any ceremony, any ritual. She is a woman wise, gentle, insightful, capable, and soothingly reliable, and we are thankful beyond all phrases.

       ~ Emerald and Katarzyna, NSW
“We decided to celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary with a handfasting ceremony that embodied our spiritual path of Druidry. We had a few ideas of what we wanted, but Jenneth took it to the next level. Not only was it perfect for us, but our friends and family were included in the ceremony in the most beautiful way.

Jenneth set out the space perfectly, set the mood of the ceremony with drumming and singing, and even went as far as memorising and reciting the lines used in our original Wedding. We can’t recommend Jenneth enough, her presence brings a peaceful but powerful energy, and our handfasting was something that we will hold dear for the rest of our lives.”
       ~ Chris & Glenda, NSW 


“Jenneth holds beautiful rituals & ceremonies, she is very connected to nature & the Divine. Not only is she a people person, she aims to please & ensure all are happy & comfortable.”
       ~ Nicole, NSW


“My healing ceremony was a truly amazing experience & words will never be able to express my deep gratitude.”
       ~ Amanda, NSW



“Jenneth, thank you for taking me on a Past Lives hypnosis journey, it was one of the most extraordinary and profound experiences of my life. Your skill at hypnosis was really impressive, and the path you led me along was so very real and visceral, bringing all of my senses into the experience. The journey itself took me to a place I’d previously had no memory of, and yet once I was there, I remembered so very much about that life, how I felt, who I was, what my strengths were and how I lived.

I feel like I was able to learn so much from that past-me, strength I can now tap into, determination and a real sense of purpose. I am using the advice you were able to mine from that other me, for my life today. I’d recommend this experience to anyone, truly. It’s given me a new level of self-awareness and appreciation for Past Life Journey work and yes, I want to book another session soon, eager to see what I’ll find next.”
       ~ Grace, NSW


“Jenneth clearly explained the process and had me relaxed before we began. She took me on a journey that I truly reflect on now and have found some answers to some issues I have in this life. I would happily recommend Jenneth and her professional manner.”
~ Glenda,  NSW


“Jenneth guided me on a journey I wasn’t expecting. I saw a life full of passion and pain, but Jenneth helped me relive moments of emotion and surprise while making me feel safe and comfortable. This experience has helped me understand myself more. An experience I will never forget.”
       ~ Christopher, NSW



Jenneth is a truly gifted and very perceptive counsellor. In every session I have had with her she has gently drawn out the crux of the matter on hand. She has guided me though a year of massive change and personal growth and has brought out the very best in me. Thanks to Jenneth and her skills as a genuinely empathetic and caring counsellor, I am stepping out into this new year with confidence and a heart that is open to many new possibilities. I am so very grateful to this wonderful woman.”
       ~ Wendy, NSW 


“Every session I have with Jenneth, I am just blown away by how my eyes are opened and all my truths are revealed!”
       ~ Sara, NSW 


“Jenneth has opened my eyes to a new way of doing things and helped me to notice how/why I do things.”
       ~ Nicole, NSW