Spiritual Counselling

Do you want counselling with someone who truly understands your world? Do you want to travel your inner world with someone who walks a spiritual life & ‘gets’ the spiritual experiences you have? Do you want a safe & comfortable space, with a genuinely caring person?

Spiritual Counselling is you & I exploring your life journey, its challenges & the issues you’re facing today – all within the context of your spirituality.

It is navigating the waters of your inner world using a range of therapeutic modalities & techniques, seeking insights, making new choices & discovering opportunity for growth & change.

Do you feel as though you’re sailing this really, big, ungainly ship, but you have no map? You feel that you don’t know where the nearest land is, and even if you did, you’re sure there’s treacherous rocks just waiting for you to crash against? Do you have no idea how to even steer the ship, let alone sail it? Do you just see stormy seas all around you, and you can’t remember the last sunny day you had?

The good news?  

You’re reading these words because you want to make changes in your inner world, and experience a brighter, more joyous outer world.

I believe that each of us has the unique wisdom & awareness we need to understand & re-balance our worlds. Unfortunately, many of us never learnt how to ‘see’ how things affect us, let alone know how to do something about it!

As a counselling therapist, based on the Central Coast NSW,  I act as a guide for you, walking right beside you on your journey of self discovery. Because I believe that you have all the answers within you, my role as a guide is to assist with the tools & wisdom I have learnt, always being curious & open to your inner world – not assuming that I know what’s best for you, or telling you what you should do!

Together, we explore your beliefs, motivations & purpose.

You learn how to chart a new course on your seas, how to better weather the rough waves, and how to steer for calmer waters. You understand why it is that your ship has been sailing in a particular direction for so long, and what it takes to change course.

A Spiritual Counselling session can use the following modalities:

Clinical Hypnotherapy
Transpersonal Art Therapy
Ritual & Ceremony
Oracle Cards, Runes & Stones


Booking In With Jenneth:

Initial Session (1.5hrs) : $100
Subsequent Sessions (1 hr) : $80

When I have attended 1 hour counselling sessions in the past, I found that by the time we got through introductions and all the paperwork, the session was nearly done! I definitely want to offer you an in-depth and meaningful first session where we actually start to explore and address the concerns you have. For this reason, the first session goes for 1.5hrs – this allows me to explore your history and background and then dedicate a whole hour to counselling/hypnotherapy. Subsequent sessions would then be for 1hr each.


Book a Counselling session with me today & explore you inner world!


Adv. Dip. Transpersonal Art Therapy, Dip. Clinical Hypnotherapy, Cert IV Celebrancy

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