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MP3 Downloads

Connection - Earth & Sun Meditation (MP3)

Our world contains a beautiful balance: light/dark, above/below, seen/unseen, within/without, male/female, Goddess/God. When we allow ourselves to be a conduit within this balance, we experience deep serenity and wholeness & join with the Wheel of Life. Running time: 8:27
$3.95 each

Empower - Moon Meditation (MP3)

Energy is available to us not only Nature, but also the celestial bodies that watch over us. The Moon symbolises a special and specific kind of power, especially when it rises Full in the nights’ sky. Like this, She becomes a source of power and magick. Running Time: 11:05
$3.95 each

Energise - Chakra Meditation (MP3)

Our bodies contain chakras – energy channels which regulate the health of mind, body & spirit. When these energy centres are depleted we struggle through our lives. With empowered chakra’s we experience clear thoughts & decisions, unfettered passions, & inspired experiences. Running time 18:04
$3.95 each

Ground & Centre - Tree Meditation (MP3)

Like us, Trees are Children of the Divine, nurtured by the Earth, Air, Water and Fire. Unlike us, they effortlessly retain their link to the world that surrounds us. When we ground, we remember this special, energetic connection to our Mother Earth, and can use it to centre ourselves more fully in mind, body and spirit. Running time 12:36
$3.95 each

Release - Ocean Meditation (MP3)

Sometimes it is not enough to just want to relax – often there are underlying anxieties that cause our minds to churn like crashing seas. During this meditation, feel safe and secure in the arms of the Water as you delve into your emotional depths for understanding and liberation. Running time: 11:42
$3.95 each