I love this question! There are many things I love about being a witch – from the rituals I create, the art and music I craft to express my spirituality, to just gazing up at the moon in the night sky, whatever its phase. But my absolute favourite thing about being a witch? Seeing the world through different eyes.

A lake is no longer just a place to fish or ride a jet-ski. A green parkland, not just somewhere to stop and look for a toilet block. Nor that cafe on the beach’s foreshore just somewhere to sit down and just have a coffee. A jacaranda tree in full bloom in someone’s front yard becomes awe-inspiring, beautiful, majestic! Every natural thing that exists in the world around me is an opportunity for awe and reverence. Being a witch means that I’m willing to see it.

A walk in the park across from my house is a journey amongst the trees, whom I call Tree Brothers. These deep, grand beings offer me stillness and sanctuary as I walk beneath them. They remind me to just “breathe”, knowing that when I do, I am gifting them life; and when they breathe in return, so I receive. They teach me about the balance and respect needed between beings on this planet.

There is a shiver of awareness and excitement that zaps in my belly when I walk into the park. I am always barefoot, and I can almost feel the boundary I am crossing from man-made bitumen road to spiky-soft blades of grass under my feet. Being a witch means that I am aware of this change, and give myself to the experience with a sense of wonder. Anyone can feel this if they want to – you just need to be willing to feel it.

What do you see, feel, experience when you hear the rain? Lightning? A sunrise? Sizzling summer heat? How do you move with these magickal things when they occur around you?

When I walk along the beach in the morning, it’s not just because an hour’s walk is good for me physically. My walk in the beach involves my talking with Manannan Mac Lir, the Irish/Celtic god of the sea. I welcome Him to come and be with me as a I walk on the edge of His sea realm, feeling Him in the rush of the waves swirling around my ankles, or that big wave that just crashes into me and totally soaks me.

Being a witch means I know He is both present in the natural world around me, and in my inner world. Our conversations are between two beloveds, and I cherish this time every morning to be with Him – sometimes I am asking for advice and guidance; sometimes just being open to what He would tell me, or ask of me.

Being a witch means seeing this world through different eyes. It means I wholly believe and trust in a power that moves within the sea, whom I know as Manannan Mac Lir. It opens up an entire new world of possibilities, of relationships and interactions. It means I am never truly alone, or lost, or unguided.

Being a witch means that I choose to see our beautiful world as a growing, changing and natural thing. That I hold belief in the cycles around me, the power of the sun, moon and stars. I have experienced and know that there are other beings of power, great and small, whose world overlap our own.

My favourite thing about being a witch is that I walk in this world differently to other people. I look for the beauty around me. I honour the awesomeness of nature in both its growth and decay. I speak with the beings whose worlds cross our own.

I choose to see our world through different eyes – through witch’s eyes – because there is a different world out there to see.

What’s your favourite thing about being a witch?
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