Intention: show me a past life where I lived as a ‘priestess’ in community, so I can find similar connections & purpose in my life now.

Instead of stepping through the gate, a large rhinoceros-like creature steps out, and the scene around me shifts to that of a desert. As large as an elephant, the ‘rhinoeros’ is decorated with ribbons and metals, and I think someone is riding upon it’s back. The desert we walk through is both rock and sand in deep golden-orange. I am a part of a caravan, and we are spread out 100 metres long. There is a calm and methodical feel to this caravan – like we are going some place in particular, and though we are in no rush, we are very purposeful in our travel.

I am a tall, slim woman, probably early 30s. Dark skinned with dark, straight black hair handing almost to my waist. I am The Vessel. I am these peoples direct connection to the land around us.

I can feel every person in the caravan, within me, at all times. Just by sending my ‘awareness’ out, I know who is nearby, who walks ahead, who has gone out further to forage. I can sense peoples thoughts and feelings. I can even send that awareness out deep into the desert to sense the animals that inhabit this place. Even further away, far towards one horizon, many weeks travel away, I can sense other peoples and tribes.

At one point I feel the presence of spirit – our gods – moving around me, and I let my breathe go and welcome them in. My vision is suddenly that of someone 2 storey’s high – the vision of the gods. They will do this here and there as we journey – dip into my body and see where we are. Protecting us. It is always only for a few moments, and I enjoy the different view. If ever there is a need for defense, then the gods move through me for our people, for as long as the defense takes. But other tribes know this and leave us alone.

As twilight moves into darkness, I become aware that a child is being born. I look up to the nights sky. I can literally see the energies of the planets and cosmos taking shape and gently having an impression of this newborn. It is almost like seeing a star chart, with lines of energy alighting around the child, and I can read those lines and interactions. I tell the mother what kind of person he will be, what his strengths will be, and how to truly help him become an adult.

Jenneth is wondering how this can be possible in her time, and I tell her: you have been brainwashed so deeply to the logic of your times, that it may not be possible for her, without drastic lifestyle changes. Being a Vessel requires the letting go of yourself – the giving of yourself wholly to your community, your tribe – and the acceptance of other energies moving constantly through you. It is intuition and trust and flow all the time. There is no space for questioning.



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Past Life – The Vessel
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