I am eager to experience another life spent in a spiritual way. When I arrive at the stone archway, I intend: show me a life I lived in Atlantis.

I am a tall woman, a little stern and self-contained, with wavy black hair running past my shoulders. A soft breeze moves it against my bare shoulder blades. There is a circlet or band around me head, and I can feel it pressing on my forehead. I am standing on the edge of a mountain, overlooking a forest running down its sides to a crescent bay, and then the ocean as far as the eyes can see. There are glints of white down below, and I know these are buildings ,where the rest of our people live.

I look behind me and there are pillars and a large opening in the cliff behind me. A sanctuary or temple of sorts. I do not see any one else, though I know I am not the only one who resides here. I see that I am standing at the very wide and open entrance, the stone warm under my bare feet.

I notice that I have golden-coloured collar sitting low on my neck, almost spreading out to my collarbone. White fabric is attached at the front of the collar, and it softly drapes down my body, meeting very low on my back. The fabric is filmy and airy, and I sense there are little patterns woven into it in that gold colour.

I turn my eyes back to the beautiful ocean, and the land mantled in green. I begin to move forward from the stone floor an then I am hovering over the green trees. I look down, and I see that I am standing on a large circular disk – this allows me to hover in the air. I do not know how it works, but it takes me where I wish to go, smoothly and without any wind buffering.

I arc out from the temple opening, and dip down the side of the cliff, aiming for another opening below – a cave. This opening is taller than it is wide, and the rock is rough-hewn – not smooth like the temple above. There is darkness as I hoover into the opening. The disc comes to a stop and I step off onto the cooler stone, a little dusty under my feet.

Ahead, there is a pool of water, luminescent from the inside. This is the only light in the cave, and it is bright enough. As I walk towards it, I cannot see how the water seems to glow so blue form within. Though thee pool has been shaped somewhat, I know it is naturally occurring here. This is a sacred place.

I touch my collar and my clothing falls away from my body, and I step out of it and straight into the pool. The water is a little warm, and I take a breath and sink under the surface. I know there is a short tunnel ahead that leads to another segment of the pool. I push off form the side, and swim easily down the tunnel, rising up to the other side.

This side of the pool is much more shaped – angled and sharp square lines. Thee are steps that lead out of the pool, and a long bend has been carved into the wall straight ahead. I go and lay on the stone bend, and immediately my spirit leaves my body and travels. I am astral travelling so easily!

I take note of the island РAtlantis Рlooking at its beauty and majesty from high above and far out. I also take note of the water surrounding the island, looking for other ships. I do not feel we are at war, but it is important that I keep a lookout anyway.

My spirit then dives into the sea and I look for ships below the surface – I can see some of our own glowing and moving through the waters, small vehicles directed my a single person. Then I am rising up high, high into the atmosphere, until I can see the planet from space. It is a sacred thing to view the planet this way, and it never ceases to leave me in awe.

My reconnaissance done, I let my spirit slip quickly back into my body. I think I have been gone for some time, for when I re-enter the pool and swim back to the first section, the horizon is beginning to pink with the sunset. I pull my dress back upon my body, and because I am still wet from the pool, the fabric clings to my skin. But once I am on the disc and we are slowly rising back up to the temple, a soft breeze dries the fabric quickly, and it is once more gently fluttering on my skin.

As the disc reaches the entrance to the temple, I step off and see other people moving around at the entrance and inside. I do not speak to anybody, I just begin to walk inside. I feel a little distant from those around me, and I want to be alone in my chamber. I think I am always thus, and I am not unhappy about it – it is just how I prefer to be.



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Past Life – the sacred pool in Atlantis
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