Intention: show me a past life where I lived by the power of symbols.

I step through the gate and I am a shorter, older woman, with a rounded figure. My hair is greying though there are still strands of black amongst the riotous, frizzy curls. I am barefoot and darker skinned (Polynesian?) and I am standing in the darkness of a cavern. This cavern is actually the hollowed-out underside of the cliffs, with the ocean tide has gradually worn away great areas with many openings. Though I stand in the darkness, there is bright light shining from the many openings, against the lighter-coloured stoned of the cliffs.

I am waiting for someone, and as I slowly walk out under the sun, there are three younger people waiting for me. My students.

We all stand facing the tide with the cliff at our backs. I explain to them that if you draw particular symbols, they can affect the ocean. As our people are dependant on the ocean for bounty, we have a strong connection to her. I can feel the water inside me, and as I begin to draw symbols to show them, I can feel the water being affected, like a push-pull action within my body.

The first symbol is a spiral, starting in and going out, carved deep in the sand with a wooden staff. I draw it facing the water, and I see the bluey-green wave reshape itself and spin, creating a small spouting tornado. My Jenneth-self questions the purpose of this, and I assure her that if we ever need to depend ourselves, this is an easy way to capsize a ocean-vessel.

The next symbol is an arrow, drawn pointing out to the sea. The first mark is the pointy-part. Then I drag the stick deep and strong, from back near the cliffs and forward until it joins with the point. As I do that long stroke, the water in front of is forced in a rush forward, like a large body is pushing ahead through the water. Again, this is a defensive move to accurately hit an inbound vessel.

The final symbol I draw takes a lot of internal strength. First, I turn slowly around in a circle on the spot, and then pull my ‘energy’ and strike my staff down into the sand, creating a hole. I leave the staff there, and know that a similar column/hole has been made in the ocean ahead of me. I walk towards it, and the sea literally parts on either side of me. I step into the column, and now the water is surrounding me.

I sense others out in the water….ah, this symbol not only makes space in the ocean, but to call to the others for counsel. As I stand there, looking at the glassy blue water wall around me, I can almost see dark smudges in the water around me – the others. I do not know if they are gods, spirits, or sea-dwelling creatures. But I ask them for guidance: where will the fish be tomorrow for hunting? Who else travels on the waters we should be aware of? Are there storms coming?

Far, far out I sense the presence of big, old ones – Jenneth wants to say they are whales, but I do not know, and it is not important to know.

I understand that the use of these symbols is only possible through my peoples physical-energetic connection with the ocean. My people have been here for a long time. For anybody else to draw the spiral would do nothing. You must feel the water inside you – have a relationship with the waters – to be able to affect them.



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Past Life – Symbols Maker of the Ocean
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