Past Life Journeying

Past Life Journeying is accessing the memories of our other lives, through safe & gentle therapeutic means. Whether you call that inner place your subconscious, your higher self, or the Akashic records, accessing this deep place allows you to explore your many past lives.

We investigate our past lives for wisdom, for growth & to support us as we make change in our lives. Each life we experience helps us to integrate new strengths & ways of living into our lives now.

I began investigating my own past lives through accidental meditations over 5 years ago. I soon realised the power of these Journeys – I could see my life slowly transforming – and I decided to work with friends to see how I could recreate this journeying with others. I quickly realised that I needed a more practical tool to help them to find that place within themselves where the Journey begins.

So I studied Clinical Hypnotherapy, and learnt the success of the hypnotic induction. Using this powerful method, I can now safely & gently lead you down into your unconscious, and assist you in accessing the Journey.

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I understand that a new awareness – that ’a ha!’ moment – is it an opportunity for you to make genuine change in your life.

Ans as a therapist, I know that you are more likely to make changes your their life based on your own realised experience, rather than advice I give you. This is what makes Past Life Journeying so powerful – the advice you receive is from you! It is your own, innate wisdom.

The main 5 “Intentions” people want to explore during their Past Life Journeying with me?

1) explore another time/place/culture
2) explore personal relationship (eg. soul mates/soul groups)
3) understand a reoccurring pattern or injury in this life (eg. phobias)
4) experience a particular characteristic in another life (eg. bravery, spirituality, leadership, safety, gender, sexuality)
5) experience another form of “being” (eg. Elementals, Fey, Sidhe)

I love the vividness of the Journey experience, and the profound impact it can have on people. I love that a Journey can offer someone new awareness about a frustrating pattern, and can offer another person courage to make new choices in their current life.


Booking In With Jenneth:

Individual Session (1.5hrs) : $120
Group Sessions (2 hrs) : $40 p/person

Past Life Journey sessions can be done as an individual, or you can organise your friends for a group session! An individual session includes you deciding on the Journey intention, then Jenneth guiding you one-on-one through your past life, her assisting you with specific questions during the Journey, integrating the Journey deeply at the end, as well as her transcribing the entire session for you.

A group session includes the same specific induction, but more open-ended questions so to work for group, as well as the opportunity for you to journal or artistically express your experience at the end. Group sessions are for a minimum of 5 people (maximum 20).


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