Inner Wisdom Oracle Readings

Oracle Readings are about you & I seeking answers to your questions through runes, cards, visualisation & other therapeutic tools.

Whether its through the tossing of runes, trance journeying or automatic writing – we are always seeking ways for you to embody this wisdom.

Unlike traditional tarot & psychic readings where the person giving you reading has ‘all the answers’, in an Oracle Reading I assist you in finding those powerful answers for yourself.

One way takes away your power to seek your own wisdom, and the other way empowers you and your inner “knowing”.

When I trained as a therapist, the reason my offering tarot readings had never sat comfortably with me became evident – readings are about me doing the work and giving you answers you may or may not be ready to hear; therapy, however, is about us both exploring your answers to those questions, and always validating your own seeking of wisdom. So in these Oracle Readings I meld the two approaches – the therapeutic and the magickal – to offer you a deep & transformative experience.


Booking In With Jenneth:

Individual Sessions (1 hr) : $80


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