My Past Lives

Below are accounts of 9 of the many past lives I have experienced. I share them with you so that you can see the breadth of possibilities. In each case, it was a conscious act to experience these past lives. At first, I followed aches & pains in my body, then delved straight into the Journey through meditation, until more recently I have been accessing lives to undo ‘bindings’ & ‘vows’ that I made in the past, but only hinder me in this current life.


While on a train reading pagan books, I start experiencing pain in my neck (near the spine), when it comes to a passage I don’t understand. I close my eyes and focus on the pain. I am a young man being initiated into a part of an Egyptian Mystery school. I am kneeling in a  wide room where a higher priest is inscribing painted symbols/glyphs onto my neck, in a downward line to the left of my spine. I am frustrated that I do not understand the symbols he is using, and I am too afraid of being turned away if I ask their meaning. The room is white, large & sunlit, and other priests wander in and through this room to other places, giving me no notice. I understand that my training has been confusing to me, and the epitaph, ‘You will soon understand all’ – which pertains to my final initiation into the Mysteries – has annoyed my greatly. I am anxiously & unknowingly await my initiation after these symbols (to Anubis?) are finally inscribed.


My left forearm begins to hurt & ache while I am reading in the library today. I look at the passage I am reading & it’s about accepted beliefs that a Wiccan should have. I close my eyes & concentrate on my left forearm & see thick rope wrapped around the arm neat the elbow. I begin to understand that the rope is being tugged by someone – they are dragging me by this rope coiled about my arm. I am a strong young man, a warrior (?) & while a man is dragging me forward, others are surrounding us & urge him on. I am angry & fearful, for I believe he drags me to my death, in a religiously ceremonial fashion. My anger stems from the fact that I am being used for this ritual, but I don’t believe in its purpose or design, but they will still kill me because it is their belief. I breathe the pain out of my arm & in this life, I remember that I choose my own beliefs.


I am meditating on why or what I have done in previous past lives to block my psychic skills. I am taken back to a past life where I immediately notice my hands are bound in front of me. My body aches from various bruises & from the cold. I am being taken to see the head chieftan (Viking?), and I am regarded as a ‘witch’ in these parts. I am a very old but still fiery woman. I am condemned by the chieftain for something, and my magick-craft is to blame. I am taken back outside the hall and tied to face a large log-pole that has been in the courtyard for this prisoner-tying purpose. I am to be left here, to freeze to death, as punishment. At what I see as the unfairness of it, I use my magick to curse the chieftain, his village & the gods.


My mother, Helen, is freaking out about her health while I am trying to read my book. I feel really annoyed & frustrated. A sharp pain in the back left side of my head starts. I journey into the pain. I am a young girl and I know that my father in this life is actually Helen. He is a middle-aged man, a tribal chieftain, and we are of Asian descent (Mongolian?). I am playing to the right side of the throne that he sits upon, and he is complaining loudly about his health which I feel – as a child – is very selfish & often caused by his own decisions. Even at 7 years old I am angered by the attention I feel he is encouraging with his vocalised aches & pains. The pain in my own head relates to hen he would tap me on the head to get my attention so he could moan & gripe about his problems.


I sit on a  train surrounded by greater noise & people moving about me, and a strong aching pains start along my whole left arm. I am taken back to a past life as a warrior within the Roman legion. I am one of a thousand warriors marching along a high hillside with cliffs that overlook a large body of blue water. I am an ordinary soldier in my late 30’s, though I feel much older from the constant warfare I have seen. My left arm is injured and a now-dirty bandage is wrapped around it. The left side of my face is healing from cuts & grazes. My middle and ring fingers on my left hand are sorely injured and bruised. I am of shorter and stockier of stature than most around me, quick to anger & also quick to smile & laugh. I am weary of large war groups, &the camping and I promise myself that this will be my last campaign.


I actively meditate to find a past life where I experienced strength. I am a young man & I am standing at the lip/edge of a deep cave, which is at the edge of a cliff, overlooking rock & desert. I am pulling in vast amounts of energy into myself, desert rock energy, using it to create ‘fields’ around myself. In once instance I shape a kind of shield on my left arm. There is a strip, about 2cm wide, of tattooed markings running from the bone of my should down to the fingernail of my middle finger, on both arms. A third line of tattooed markings run from the bridge of my nose, up & over my bare scalp, down my neck & spine to my tailbone. These tattoos allow me to harness the energy. I am being trained as a warrior of sorts, and behind me in the cave are old ‘warrior’ men & woman, who teach me. As well as shields, I am able to cause fissures in the earth, draw up sand storms & jagged rock formations. I know this energy I use is only available in these desert places.


I am a young woman – no more than 20 years old – with long brown hair & pale skin. I stand upon a balcony set up amongst a forest. The moon is above me & I deeply pull her energy into my body. I then turn away from the balcony where a handful of people, a court, await me. I step down from the balcony onto the floor & begin to dance & strongly shift energy around me. As I do, voices of Ancestors, Guides & others call out to me. After a short while, my energetic dancing – like a cyclone of energy around me – causes time to stop & I can better hear the guidance of the Voices. We talk back & forth until I have what I need. This next part of the ritual is the hard part; when I bring myself back into usual time, the energies will shift & lurch & I will find it extremely difficulty to express myself, struggling to stand or speak. But once time shifts back, I stumble to a man who is my ‘anchor’, who steadies me as I try to communicate what I have learnt. Then  sway over to a 3D map of our lands & explain (military?) strategies to the waiting people.


I am a young & powerful magick-maker, travelling to Egypt (?) to learn what I can from them. The ship I travel on is run by my countrymen who revere me. To move the ship, other than with wind & sail, I use a stone that pulses blue energy when I hold it. I put the stone to my forehead to charge it, then touch the inner hull of the ship to make the ship move through the water. I think I can also use this technique to talk to sea creatures. Forward in time, and I am alighting from the ship – I am tall & lithe & I am commanding in my presence. I feel the presence of energy around me at all times. I now go to the Temple to plead my case to be accepted as a student to learn & become even stronger. Time has moved forward again & I am being lead into a room within a stone room (pyramid?). Sunlight filters down from above. A group of male priests wait for me & I take a single servant with me. I feel immediately that these men have a ‘wrongness’ about them – a greed & a deep darkness. I realise that they want to ‘take’ my magick from me. So I call on the Mother (?) to witness me, using a symbol of the snake & coiling it around my right arm I bind my magick to me -they will have nothing!!! In this current life, I thank the snake for protecting my magick, but lovingly unwind it from my arm & return it to the Mother. I know I have released the Mystery of magick for myself now.


I am a tribal woman & I have a great fear of something – an event that is coming. In my fear, I am choosing to bind my magick to me. I am in my mid-40’s, and I am the magick-woman for my people. My ‘apprentices’ have created a brand with a symbol (in a circle) & hold it ready for me. I gather my magick, making a vow & sealing it by branding myself just to the right of centre on my forehead. In this current life, I choose not to make vows or use my magick when driven by extreme fear. I take a breath & unlock my magick, imagining my hand gently wiping away the brand from my forehead.