The Celtic gods and goddesses are always closest to my heart, as my heritage is Irish/Scottish/English – it’s like my pull toward them is in my blood. There are three deities whom I have forged links with – Manannan mac Lir being a special one I mentioned in a recent blog. There are also two others who have had a lasting impact in my life, along with Him – Elen of the Ways, and Great Bear Mother.

I can’t really say that Elen chose me, nor that I chose Her – during Autumn Equinox some years ago I read her name in passing, and it was like utter calm descended upon me. There was no lightning, or shiny voice calling down to me from the heavens, saying: “This is the one!” I just knew by the stillness within me that She was important to me.

She’s not one of the most well-known goddesses making the rounds in the magickal world at the moment, but I think that made Her even more special to me. She is a goddess of pathwalking and journeying. She is also praised as a goddess of the sun, and as I am an early morning person, and generally feel strongly connected to the sun more than the moon, choosing Her as my goddess made sense.

Her link with pathways, roads, and just generally journeying, has meant that I’ve focused a lot of my spiritual practise upon past life exploration, even going on to study Clinical Hypnosis so I could better understand how to access that place of deep subconscious. Elen is always with me when I am holding space for someone, in order to explore their inner world.

Great Bear Mother has been with me since I re-started my journey to become pregnant, about twelve months ago. She is both the potential for new life, and the need for things to be destroyed, to die and to decay. She is the beginning and the ending. Though the yin-yang is not Her symbol, I have found it to be an apt model for Her duality.

Great Bear Mother holds all the creative possibilities within Herself, and expressed that if worked with Her, I could better understand not only my creative process, but also how to bring a child into my world. She offers me a new way of seeing the world – a balanced world of things growing and things declining. She doesn’t say: “Do this, and here’s a baby,” but “Follow this way of life to bring more growth into you.”

If Elen guides me on my journeying and exploring, and Great Bear Mother offers creative fertility, then Manannan mac Lir shows me the beauty in all around me. He is my guide into the realms of my heart. He demonstrates how much more I could be if I lead my life from my heart and love, rather than from a place of fear.

When I walk the beach’s shoreline, Manannan mac Lir is playfully beside me, teasing and tempting me to open myself to Him more, to my husband more, and to life in all its glory. He reminds me that love comes in many forms, and that how I express my sexuality is one of those important ways. I love that He isn’t just about intellectual pursuits, but also matters of the heart and the physical body.

The way I experience these three great beings is personal, and it is right – for me. No book or other person could ever really show me how to build relationship with Them – that was something I needed to find for myself. And believe me, relationship is a two-way thing – They really are always there when I need guidance. I am learning to be open to Them when They call out to me.

This trilogy of divine beings doesn’t ask anything more of me than I would ask of myself; to be honest in my endeavours, to strive towards my own happiness, to harm none, and to honour Them through my awareness and experience of Them.

Do you have a favourite Goddess or God?
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