I’m popping ‘round to a friend’s place for coffee & ritual tonight and I must say, I’m really excited.

This friend – let’s call her Ariadne, she’d love that – was my first witch teacher, my first priestess. She was there where I began my spiritual path-seeking back in 2005. It was she who offered to show me the mysterious world of the witch; a place of moon time rituals, of candles burning brightly on beautiful altars, of special songs and chants and words that could make the energy shiver inside you.

Ariadne opened my eyes to what being a witch could look like. While she held a full-time job, didn’t dress like a total hippy, and had car insurance, she also cleansed her house with incense regularly, crafted spells for abundance, love, luck and health, and would walk on the beach for intuitive guidance from the sea. She also stirred her tea and her brews anti-clockwise – sunwise – to draw in energy for healing and strength.

Whenever she and I come together, the power is immediate and strong. There is a familiarity of once-student and teacher, now magickal accomplices and priestesses in our own rights, that lends itself to our occasional ritual forays. When I am with her, I trust and know that she has my back, and that the magick is going to be potent.

Our magicks and rituals are impromptu and intuitive, and I believe that our abilities are made more compelling because of our history, but also the way we trust the flow we find ourselves in each time.


Tonight we come together without an agenda. This is very unusual for me – I am usually the one who has planned something out, know what outcome I want, and has already devised the steps to get there. Being with Ariadne means I can let that go, and just be with her, the moon, and the moment, open to whatever arises.

Maybe we will build and direct energy for my impending pregnancy. Maybe we will foster the growth of her new business plans and ideas. Maybe we will encourage prosperity and abundance to shower down upon the both of us. Or maybe we will simply dance. Dance in wildness, in joy, in gratitude under the moon for all the beautiful things that are already in our lives.

I have so much to be grateful for: a new business venture: WiseCrafting, an amazingly supportive, crazy and creative husband, impending pregnancy, time and space to be creative in any way I’m pulled towards. My life is unfurling in ways I didn’t expect six months ago, and I am holding onto the belief that it will keep growing and thriving as I follow my heart, my passion, my joy.

And tonight? I will join with Ariadne in ritual, as I have done many times over the past twelve years, moving with the magick of the moon, the stars shining down from above us, the powers that swirl from deep within us both. And the understanding that what we are offering to each other – this sacred playfulness in ceremony – is why I am a witch.

Being magickal with Ariadne
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