When you move in the flow of life – when you access magick and use intention – you start to see things shift & change around you. You realise that it is YOU who are bringing these effects into the physical world.

And when I realised this, it worried me.

It was a friend who showed me the words of Marianne Williamson: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us…”

I worried about being that strong – strong enough & powerful enough to make changes in the world. And not just changes in the usual, mundane way. Oh no, I could see the potential for energetic changes too. Heck, maybe I could cause catastrophic weather adjustments!! And in my worried I started to doubt myself, and my intention. I began to think that maybe it was a little arrogant to think that it’s OK for me to bring what I wanted into the world, using magick. I started to think: maybe its not my place to make these changes.

I feared my potential. What I could be. What I could do. What I could create. We all have a deep well of power, will & passion within us, and I was suddenly petrified that I could do big things.

But I’m not the only one.

We all, each one of us, are born with that Divine spark burning at the centre of our beings. Though we may have different skills we bring with us into this life, and different tools we develop as we grow, we are all still beings of pure potential. The life-force of the Divine quite literally sparked us into being. But as we leave childhood, we leave with other voices cutting us down. Voices of well meaning parents, or teachers or friends or family – or even strangers! – who have offered us boundaries to our potential.

And we’ve taken those boundaries on: hook, line & sinker.

Don’t stand out — Don’t be too loud — You look ridiculous, stop it — Why don’t you do thinks like So-and-so? — If you only you could be more [blah] — No one does that! — Why are you even trying? — STOP THAT!

I see this hesitancy and fear of potential – these boundaries – others around me. And within myself. I see so many of us expecting ourselves to be bigger & bolder & more magickal … but afraid of that authoritarian voice telling us to stop. And in that stunting of our potential, I wonder if we’re afraid that we might go too far if we were ever able to be that amazing person we know is shining within us. Afraid that we might become that megalomaniac, standing in the penthouse suite, softly stroking our white cats while we contemplate taking over the world.

And there are sooooooooo many movies where the person discovers they have magickal abilities, only to turn to the dark side.

For me, its taken a long time to find a voice to say what I want/need to others. So when I first started trying, I may have gone waaaaaaaaaay overboard (not quite screaming, but close in those early years). After a while of practising, I managed to get learn to speak up for myself firmly, concisely and with kind directness. But at first, going against all my upbringing, it was a hard thing and of course I was going to overshoot the mark.

So as you endeavor to grow and change on your spiritual path, there will be the possibility that you will be over-the-top, or react badly, or make unhelpful decisions or …… and it’s perfectly OK.

When you see yourself going that little bit too far, remember to do it differently next time. Be brave and have another go. You won’t suddenly become the Wicked Witch of the West just because you’re finally speaking up for yourself and what you want in this life. And when you begin setting out clear intentions in your magick, and really powering up to make changes in your life, trust yourself. And if all else fails? I always use the Wiccan Rede: If it harm none, do what you will.

Afraid of being powerful?
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