About Jenneth

I honour my Gods by living by the ebb and flow of Life, and the cycles of the World around me: the changing seasons, the waxing and waning of the moon, sunrises and sunsets, my simple breath. For when I move within these cycles, this Flow, creativity is strong within me and I cannot help but let it move through me.

I am a Priestess, Bard & Artisan. I am also a Witch and Weaver of Rites and Rituals. I practice a modern form of eclectic witchcraft and Druidry (Druidcraft) on the Central Coast of NSW. I self-published the book, Call of the South Lands in 2011, released a limited edition meditation CD, Ways of Vision & Power in 2016, & wrote for the online eMagazine, Magick & Wyld in 2016 & 2017.

I have worked within Covens and Circles, co-ordinated large gatherings, workshops, and have practiced as a solitary witch. I find that by working within all these formats – often a couple at the same time – I gain the benefit of being inspired by others, and also having the space to practice and create in my own time as needed.

I am deeply passionate about expressing my connection with the Gods.

I don’t believe it was “luck” that encouraged me to try my hand at different arts and music – it was the voice of the Ancient Ones wanting to be heard. I do not know if in the misty past our people truly experienced an ultimate matriarchal culture that worshipped the Mother Goddess, but I do know that our current world needs the words that She would speak to us. So through my crafting I listen for that Truth whispered to me and let it express itself through my words, songs and crafts.

My journey began in 1998 as a curiosity in Catholic high school, and being a veracious reader, this soon turned into a fascination that has kept me reading and studying its ways ever since. I met my first witch teacher in 2005 and studied with her within a coven for the next 3 years. All things have to run their course – as they should, ‘tis the way of nature to ebb and flow – and as the coven finished I transitioned into co-organising a large open Circle of Pagans in Samhain of 2008. We celebrated Full Moons & Sabbats for 3 full Turns of the Wheel. Again, things end and I focused on my solitary practice for the next 6 cycles of the Moon.

But my heart missed community, and I began co-ordinating open Circles with a new group upon Beltane 2012.

During this time I had the opportunity to work within a Coven again, and for a year I delved deeper than I thought possible into the Mysteries of Magick and the ways energy could be used to move and change the world around us. When that coven finished I focused more fully on the Circle, introducing new techniques I had learnt from Coven work, as well as pagan, druid and witchcraft retreats I attended in Australia and overseas.

As my path continues, I become more aware of what the role of Priestess truly means: supporting the growth of yourself and others in ways that allow each to explore and journey with their own inner voice as the ultimate teacher; and to open more fully to the words of the Gods.

At the beginning of 2017, I left the corporate world to dedicate myself, as a Priestess, to Ceremony, Counselling, Past Life Journeying  & Workshops. I realised that I couldn’t walk that tightrope between the magickal & mundane any longer, and remain authentic.

Beginning this new chapter of my life as a Priestess allows me to weave all my creativity, intellect, passion & magickal potential together. It allows me live my dreams & offer fellow magick-seekers the opportunity to start living their dreams, too.

Come share in the Journey with me!

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