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WiseCrafting is a place to explore inner worlds – discover new wisdoms – create a sacred life.


Ceremonies I choose to dedicate my life to ceremony, as ceremony is a deeply sacred act. Ceremonies offer us a structure to understand and then integrate the ways our lives change: when we leave adolescence, marry, have children, reach eldership,

Oracle Readings

Inner Wisdom Oracle Readings Oracle Readings are about you & I seeking answers to your questions through runes, cards, visualisation & other therapeutic tools. Whether its through the tossing of runes, trance journeying or automatic writing – we are always


Shop A range of eBooks, meditation MP3s & other creative resources are available here – all the things you need to grow your wisdom & be inspired!

Past Life Journeying

Past Life Journeying Past Life Journeying is accessing the memories of our other lives, through safe & gentle therapeutic means. Whether you call that inner place your subconscious, your higher self, or the Akashic records, accessing this deep place allows

Spiritual Counselling

Spiritual Counselling Do you want counselling with someone who truly understands your world? Do you want to travel your inner world with someone who walks a spiritual life & ‘gets’ the spiritual experiences you have? Do you want a safe


Musings about magick, ceremony, the Gods & everything else! A dash of irreverence, a splash of storytelling, and a great dollop of humour goes into all the blogs cooked here.